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Jul 30, 2010 6:00pm PDT
depends on how you see the world. . >> reporter: at the u.s. geological survey in menlo park, a lecture four decades in the making with one lesson. >> it's a beautiful planet but it needs care. >> reporter: the usgs is sharing 38 years' worth of satellite photos from around the world, comparing for better or for worse how things have changed. this is shanghai in 1973, mostly forest and farmland. here it is in 2005, the cities colored in blue have exploded in population. here's a patch of rain forest in brazil back in 1975. here's that same 80-mile stretch 28 years later mostly farmland. to outsiders all this development is alarming. >> you could say it's alarming or you could say it's a wonderful thing if you are a farmer in that area and suddenly you have 20,000 hectars of wheat that you can plant and cattle. >> reporter: this is the gulf oil spill in may the white portion oil. the same view taken wednesday, the oil sheen spread dramatically. remember the devastating floods in north dakota last year? this is what fargo normally looks like. and here's fargo last year. the black area is
Jul 16, 2010 6:00pm PDT
"survey u.s.a." mehserle should have been convicted of a more serious crime. >>> bart police will soon have someone looking over their shoulders. the governor signed a bill to create an independent auditor to investigate complaints about bart police. it also sets up a citizen commission that can make disciplinary recommendations for bart police officers. an east bay assemblyman authored the bill. >> this is how government is supposed to work in response to clear concerns that were expressed by the community. >> this starts january 1 and it was of course brought about by the oscar grant shooting. >>> governor schwarzenegger is mobilizing hundreds of national guard troops to california- mexico border part of a federal effort to combat drug trafficking and illegal immigration. president obama has called for 1200 troops to support federal agents along the entire u.s. border. governor schwarzenegger is deploying 224 california guard members for as long as a year. it's the second time the governor has ordered guard members to the border. he backed a similar federal effort in june of 2006. >>
Jul 15, 2010 6:00pm PDT
not that we know of. now, on the 86th day of the worst environ disaster in u.s. history, bp finally managed to stop the flow. but manuel gallegus reports the containment efforts are far from over. >>> reporter: bp says oil is no longer flowing in the gulf. >> obviously, we're very encouraged with the well shut- in, particularly that no oil is going into the gulf of mexico at this point in time. >> reporter: an estimated 182 million gallons of crude have spewed into the water since an explosion 86 days ago. now engineers have put a new containment cap over the leaking well, gradually shutting down three valves. so far, it appears to be working. >> it is a positive sign. we're still in the testing phase. >> reporter: a more permanent fix is still in the works. a relief well should be in place next month. here along the mississippi coast, residents are greeting the news with cautious optimism. they are hoping this environmental disaster will soon be over. >> i think it's great news if it's -- if it's going to hold, i think it's great news. >> reporter: michael white is the harbor master in lon
Jul 22, 2010 6:00pm PDT
the u.s. attorney. >> we have been talking for a while. we are going to the planning stage in august to start addressing things. >> reporter: the fbi, the dea and the atf will help oakland battle crime during the high crime months of august and september. >> we are not going to ask them to cover a beat. what we are going to ask them to do is long-term investigations to dismantle any criminal enterprise taking place in the city of oakland. >> this is a more structured program. this is where we bring in all the state, federal and local law enforcement components, sit down in executive session, scope out, you know, what we know of the problem and then identify specific targets that we can address. >> reporter: federal agents have cooperated with the oakland police department for years but this is different because more federal agents will be pouring into the city than before. >> this will be long term. this actually is the -- for example the program in salinas that we started last september is still in place. now it's operational. we have gone from the theoretical and kind of the plann
Jul 29, 2010 6:00pm PDT
far in the u.s. the plaintiffs claim google employees scooped up private information from unlocked wi-fi networks during their travels. google says it inadvertently gathered the information as it photographed neighborhoods for its street view feature on google maps. the mountain view company claims it never used that data nor did it break any laws. >>> i think that was roberta running there. was that you? i did run today. i did swim today, too. i got to tell you. i spent six hours a week and it's the best $6 spent going to the east bay parks and recreation. do it explore it you can swim, run, boat. today it was 87 degrees at lake del valle. right there we are looking at a finger of low clouds and fog trying to work its way back into the bay, where it kept our temperatures again unseasonably cool in the city of san francisco. we should typically be 68. we were 61. have a jacket at the coast and the bayside where we have that influx of the low clouds and fog. it will spread inland tonight overnight and blanket, 49 to pacifica, 53 fairfield mid-50s in san jose. this is our pinpoint forec
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5